Midtown Medspa took over a day spa and inherited its weak reputation. More than just a name change, they needed to change its perception in order to develop and maintain clientele. They needed a new brand identity that would position them as a fresh alternative to well-being and wellness and help them stand out. We designed a new logo to match a fashionably engaging website, created a “city slicker” brand identity, and managed PR events to spread brand awareness.


The end result was an ultra-modern, customizable service platform that helped the brand reach local clientele within the Houston midtown area. We also created a creative, ownable social media concept surrounding the hashtag #MidtownMedGirls, allowing them to not only strengthen their brand through social connections, but also to essentially own the Midtown area of Houston.

Our team created a complete new brand identity down to a storefront redesign, a smart “sandwich board” environmental tactic, and a print campaign.


In less than two months, 120 calls were received, 31 new contact forms were submitted online, and the conversion rate improved from 0.98% to 3.18%. By the end of the six month campaign, Midtown Medspa’s website had received more than 11,000 visitors.