What to Put on Your Business Card’s Design

by | Oct 7, 2022 | Branding

A business card is a perfect marketing tool to reach potential customers, but it can only be effective when you know what to put on business cards. The card would be the first interaction the customers will have with your brand, so you must design it thoughtfully. It will make you look more professional, build customer trust, and stand out among others.

A properly-designed business card should have more than your business contact details. So before you start giving out your business card to potential clients, you must ensure its design and content match the standards. So what can you put on a business card besides your name, job title, business name, and phone number?

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Represent Your Unique Brand

The best way to make a business card stand out and represent your brand is by adding a uniquely-designed logo. It symbolizes your company through art, making it easier for potential customers to identify your business. Adding a logo to your business cards help target audiences recognize your brand. It keeps your business top of the competition.

Invitation to Connect Online

Most businesses carry their operations online, and one of the best ways to invite people to connect with you online is through business cards. For instance, if your business card has your website URL or an email address, you can add a short call-to-action to invite potential clients to connect with you online. It can be effective when implemented well.

Your Website to Learn More

You can also use a business card to promote your business website and drive tons of traffic to it. Add your website URL to the business card, ensuring that it’s short and easy to type. Also, as a tech-savvy business owner, you can package the URL in a QR code and print it on the business card. It makes it easy to type the links on mobile browsers.

Choosing Professional Business Card Design to Gain Leads

Deciding what to put on business cards should no longer be a challenge, whether it’s your contact information or the design elements. The bottom line is to design a business card template with enough white space and features that set your brand apart. But you can only achieve that when you opt for professional business card design at Adnorml.

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