5 Types of Brand Strategy Models for Success

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Branding

Implementing the best brand strategy models is key to creating a successful brand. An ideal brand strategy offers a long-term understanding of a brand. It explains how your brand should work, its significance, and identify a target market for marketing purposes.

Which brand strategy models work best for your business?

There are many types of brand strategy models. To build a successful brand, you must stick to the product branding strategies that define your brand identity. Here are the corporate branding strategies with proven success in the corporate world. 

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  1. Brand Pyramid
  2. PESTLE Model
  3. Evolutionary Brand Cycle
  4. SWOT Model
  5. Marketing Sales Funnel

1) Brand Pyramid

The brand pyramid model showcases the entire process a brand undergoes to fulfill its core proposition. The pyramid base specifies the context within which a brand exists. At the same time, its tip points out the core proposition that communicates the brand’s core value to its target audience—the wider the base, the greater the pyramid’s stability.

2) PESTLE Model

The PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental) is an old business strategy but is still effective when implemented correctly. It’s a simple but helpful structure to work through the market forces and create brand awareness. It will help you focus and identify areas your business needs to put more effort into.

3) Evolutionary Brand Cycle

This model stipulates an unending evolution that every strong brand should go through. It depends on the dynamic nature of a brand that evolves. The model has four stages:

  • Understanding (research phase)
  • Clarifying (distillation phase)
  • Communication (communication phase)
  • Evolution (listening phase)

Practicing these four phases frequently over time can improve your brand performance.

4) SWOT Model

The SWOT model offers a simple model of identifying what a business is bad and good at and where they see threats and opportunities. It covers the two key areas of brand project research: the context and the business itself. The context of a SWOT Model evaluates the market forces, level of competition, and the target audience.

5) Marketing Sales Funnel

This brand strategy model helps assess the best marketing touchpoint for every part of the journey through a sales funnel. The marketing sales funnel comprises four stages: Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action. They represent potential clients’ mindsets. However, every stage requires a different approach to ensure better customer service.

Choosing a Professional Brand Strategy Model

Now that you know the various brand strategy models, you need to invest in the marketing strategy that suits your products or services. The best brand strategy model ensures positive brand equity and better brand positioning. If you have trouble finding the best retail branding strategy for your business, let Adnorml help you.

Contact us today for reliable brand management services.

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