Our visual direction showcased a classic, retro sport and outdoor look, leading to the creation of a patch-style logo that would serve as the “badge” that represents accomplishment and success. The project helped the Sunoco team engage with new retail activations, establish new, strategic partnerships, and inspire their team to work hard and reach their goals.


Drawing inspiration from the values of persistence and collaboration, our collective effort materialized in the form of an event theme centered around the spirit of mountaineering, discovery, and daring escapades. This theme encapsulated our belief in the power of unity and determination, serving as a testament to what can be achieved when individuals come together with a shared purpose. We aptly named this concept “Reach New Heights,” a poignant homage to the emotions and odyssey inherent in pursuing aspirations, pushing boundaries, and transcending conventional limitations. Just as climbers ascend treacherous peaks, our theme encapsulated the exhilaration of surmounting challenges and journeying toward uncharted horizons.


Our creative approach in terms of visual aesthetics was channeled into a timeless and nostalgic sport and outdoor aesthetic, which ultimately gave birth to a distinctive patch-style logo. This logo wasn’t just a design element; it evolved into a symbolic “badge” embodying the ideals of achievement and triumph, capturing the essence of scaling new heights and surpassing expectations.

As this visual identity unfolded, its impact rippled far beyond aesthetics, acting as a rallying point that fostered a deeper connection between the Sunoco team and their aspirations. It became a visual embodiment of their journey, igniting renewed vigor within the team, encouraging them to push their boundaries, and unitedly strive towards their aspirations.

Beyond its artistic significance, this endeavor had a profound practical impact as well, empowering the Sunoco team to explore uncharted territories of engagement through innovative retail activations, forging strategic alliances that expanded their horizons, and, most importantly, fuelling an environment where every individual felt compelled to invest their utmost efforts in realizing their ambitions.