We had an opportunity to develop an awareness campaign for a new player in the energy category, NEORig. Our goal was to position the brand as the leader in the innovative engineering of highly sophisticated, un-manned mobile rigs (think autobots or transformers that don’t talk).


We used React, the web design platform developed by Facebook, to customize an engaging mobile-first creative approach with design direction that was inspired by the Bauhaus graphic design style. We took a fresh look at elements from the NEORig’s logo and decided to play with the letter “R” from NEORig to help bridge the design elements to the UX strategy, creating a digital space that was simple and modern.


NEORig presented themselves at the industry’s most prized event, the Offshore Technology Conference, where our strategy and unique design approach created an industry buzz while positioning NEORig as an international force that brings German and American engineering to the forefront of today’s energy marketplace. Resulting in over 3,000 monthly visitors, over 12,000 monthly page views, an average bounce rate of only 16.30%, and visits from over 90 different countries position NEORig as an industry frontrunner.