For us, creating a great digital strategy isn’t brain surgery. We were asked to develop and translate complex medical terms, technical verbiage, and break through innovative surgical techniques into user friendly terms and explanations while highlighting all that leading neuroscientist and president of the Greater Houston Neurosurgery Center (GHNC), Dr. Peter Shedden, has brought to the medical community in both the United States and Canada.


We took this deep complexity and simplified it into a categorical hierarchy: conditions, treatments, and physicians. Patients now had a simple UX experience and navigational flow to find what they’re looking for, discover something new, and be informed by everything the GHNC has to offer.

Our strategy focused on mobile-first, user-friendliness, simple navigation, and modern design – all of which is unlike most of today’s medical-related websites. Our digital approach offered a fresh perspective, allowing the content to become that much more valuable and accessible to patients and physicians looking for information. Ultimately, this customized, content-rich website and the effective SEO strategy and logo redesign that came with it helped visitors discover today’s innovative neurological solutions without being overwhelmed.


Since 2010, we have strategically positioned the GHNC as a leader in the neurosurgical and medical community in the United States and abroad, securing a top Google ranking and keeping visitors on the site an average of more than two minutes per visit.