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Recycling isn’t a new concept, but there’s always opportunity for a new perspective that could help shape the future. FCC Environmental Services needed help creating an idea to help promote and educate local multicultural kids, tweens, and teens to learn about their new recycling MRF (Material Recovery Facility) in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and create a modern, interactive tour experience.

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Taking the challenge, we wanted the communication approach to bring the recycling experience to a whole new level. We took a step back to study past recycling messaging platforms and discovered a fresh new way to tell the story. Not only did we show kids the methods and materials used to recycle properly, we also came up with a simple and striking visual concept that bridges their world with the recycling world, allowing them to learn fun facts that they can use to go back and educate the adults in their lives as well.

We expressed this idea by using unexpected objects in the everyday environment to show kids that those objects exist because of recycling. Fun and relatable objects were our inspiration; things you may not have ever considered to be recycled such as roads, t-shirts, toys, and rugs were highlighted through this brand new lens.

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The campaign included fun, minecraft inspired, step-by step instructional recycling posters, one impacting introduction video explaining the idea, a second video created to educate kids on the Material Recovery Facility tour and recycling process, and a landing page specifically designed to drive traffic and awareness towards signing up for the tour.

Our creative team also designed the tour facility gallery environment to align with the concept and inspire visitor engagement. It’s overall success was noted by the media and the mayor of Dallas during the grand opening as one of the best, most interactive recycling facilities in the country.