Sunoco / Reach new heights

Sunoco Case Study

The Client

Every year Sunoco holds a major corporate meeting celebrating their family of fuel station principles, C-stations, QSR managers and regional retail partners. The goal is to show their appreciation and rally next year’s growth potential while inspiring continual retail partnership opportunities. We thought the word “meeting” or “conference” needed to be rethought from the communication strategy; after all, most conferences aren’t fun.

The Strategy

Inspired by perseverance and teamwork, we created an theme for the event focused on mountaineering, exploring, and adventure. We created a concept around the theme called “Reach New Heights,” nodding to the feeling and journey one takes towards reaching goals and going beyond the expected.

sunoco trade-conference-2017

The Results

Our visual direction showcased a classic, retro sport and outdoor look, leading to the creation of a patch-style logo that would serve as the “badge” that represents accomplishment and success. The project helped the Sunoco team engage with new retail activations, establish new, strategic partnerships, and inspire their team to work hard and reach their goals.