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Sigma AgriScience Case Study

The Client

Agriculture biotechnology is a rapidly growing industry, constantly changing and strengthening through innovation. Sigma AgriScience needed an effective B2B, 360 degree platform to stand out from the competition and build partnerships with industry distributors, dealers, and managers. Thorough industry research and several creative brand strategy sessions later, we found how to create an unique impact in the category.

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The Strategy

The project consisted of a simple, sophisticated, and contemporary web design approach that screamed biotechnology while staying easy to navigate and informative. We also gave the brand a fresh logo, established a social media presence, created a new, sleek product and service catalog, launched a strategic email marketing campaign, and conducted a factory photoshoot showcasing their product technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities.


The Results

Currently, the Sigma AgriScience marketing approach has been an effective tool in building new partnerships, increasing sales opportunities, and creating future growth potential. Sigma AgriScience now averages 5.83 pages viewed per visitor, spending almost 4 minutes per visit with a bounce rate at a low 16%. During a 3 month test, the website generated 10 contact submissions, over 40 phone sales inquiries, and over 2,000 catalog downloads from interested parties.