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McHugh Plastic Surgery Case Study

The Client

Society’s shift on how it thinks about plastic surgery is more prominent than ever. People no longer find it necessary to hide a procedure or treatment they had done, and with blockbuster celebrities now openly sharing their little secrets with the public, the possibilities are endless.


The Strategy

In 2012, we developed a strategy that reached future patients across genders, generations, and cultures. We tapped into the mind of real women who are thinking about perfecting their bodies and feeling good about being who they want to be, when they want to be it.

We developed well-rounded social posts with inspirational, motivating content that gave Dr. Thomas P. McHugh credibility and approachability. We strategically created tons of #inspo content, tapped into multicultural audiences with Spanish-focused posts, and created a successful video series where the doctor himself answered questions people were dying to ask.


The Results

Our competitive strategies for research, mobile-first design, UX/UI, digital marketing, social media, and print encompassed a 360 degree platform that gave McHugh Plastic Surgery a unique, impacting identity.

Within the first year of taking over the brand’s digital presence, web traffic increased by 758% and lead conversions improved by 420%. Our social media strategy and SEO improved goal conversion rates by over 46% and helped total sales generation by over 58%.