Brand Naming Process: 4 Steps to Get Started

by | Apr 7, 2023 | Branding

When starting a business, you should understand the brand naming process to help create a brand name that identifies your business. A good brand name accommodates your company’s current products and future visions. So, pick a name that will strengthen your branding strategy.

What steps should you take toward finalizing your brand name?

To promote your business, you need a distinctive brand identity, and you can achieve that by following the proper brand naming process. That way, you’ll create a unique brand name that conveys clear benefits and a distinct promise to your audience.

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  1. Know Your Main Objective
  2. Start Lots of Brainstorming 
  3. Narrow Down Your Candidates
  4. Choose What Feels Right 

1) Know Your Main Objective

What do you want the brand name to communicate to your target audience? First, set clear objectives on what you plan to achieve with the name. Then, you can conduct interviews, research the market, and analyze the needs of your target audience.

2) Start Lots of Brainstorming 

Now that you have objectives at hand brainstorm ideas that align with your naming goals. Some ideas may be very descriptive, while others are symbolic. Some may also be completely abstract. So, think of several name ideas that can match your brand.

3) Narrow Down Your Candidates

So far, you have a list of many potential brand names for your business, and it’s time to narrow it down, but how? So, pick the most promising names and leave the ones taken by other companies. A quick search on Google can help you make a short list of names.

4) Choose What Feels Right 

Make a case for each promising name during the final selection by considering if every brand name meets your selection criteria. Try incorporating it into marketing languages and real-world sentences to see if it sounds right. Finally, select a name that suits you.

Finding a Successful Brand Name for Your Business

So far, you know the brand-naming process step by step, and you can create a brand name that best suits your product or service. The name should be easy to spell and must communicate your brand personality. A brand management agency like Adnorml can help you create a great brand name.

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